Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ | 39th Street


Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ
Your Food, Your Way 

Over the last decade 39th Street has become known as a foodie destination in Kansas City.  From Jazz, to D ’Bronx, Room 39 to Blue Koi, there are a number of well-known Kansas City restaurants located along 39th Street between State Line and Southwest Traffic way.  There are local institutions like Minskey’s Pizza, and critically acclaimed new places like KC Smokehouse Burgers.  What often gets lost in the shuffle is one of the area’s true gems.  Located just steps off 39th Street in a 100 year old building, Genghis Kahn is the city’s oldest Mongolian BBQ.  Since 1995 Genghis Kahn has established a reputation as one of the best locally owned Mongolian BBQ's in the city.

All the veggies a diner could ask for

As is typical with Mongolian BBQ’s, the customer is ultimately in charge of what they eat and how it tastes.  From place to place you may find some different veggie, protein, or sauce options, but ultimately what sets Genghis Kahn apart from its competition is the restaurant itself.  The exposed brick walls, 100 year old hardwood floors, and trendy art on the walls give the place as much charm and atmosphere as anywhere in the area. 

Now if you aren’t in the mood to be the chef of your own Mongolian BBQ experience, Genghis Kahn has an entire menu of “old-country Chinese creations…clay-pot simmered favorites, authentic Chinese dishes, and inspired new favorites from their seasoned chef.”  A full bar with your typical selection of beers, wines, and spirits is complemented with a number of fun original drinks that can make your dining experience even that much more enjoyable. 
The Sauce Station

Your dish is cooked right before your eyes on the flat top
If the fun-filled adventure of the Mongolian BBQ strikes your fancy then you’ll find more than 20 different veggies and at least a dozen assorted meat and seafood selections available to fill your bowl before creating your own sauce and handing your dish off to be cooked on the flat top griddle.  One of the great attributes of this type of restaurant is each time you come in you can have a different experience.  There are almost endless combinations available from vegetarian bowls to meat, seafood, or surf & turf dishes.  You can make it as light and healthy as you’d like or as spicy and rich as you can handle. 

Customer created yumminess!

At the end of the day your experience at Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ won’t consist of organic, locally sourced ingredients, or the freshest seafood around.  What it will provide is a fun experience with better than average food giving you a unique experience whether it’s your first or hundredth trip in.  


3 out of 5 Cows

4 out of 5 Cows

Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ
3906 Bell St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

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