Thursday, September 8, 2011

Restaurant News: CLOSED - Los Cabos: Mission Farms

Since its opening in February 2010, Los Cabos Restaurant in Mission Farms seemed to struggle to find a foothold with Johnson County diners seeking upscale Mexican fare.  A great location in Mission Farms along with one of the best patios in the city were not enough to save Los Cabos from getting the ax by their parent company KC Hopps over the weekend.  KC Hopps closed the doors to Los Cabos on Sunday after a 19 month run to "focus on other restaurant opportunities in Kansas City."  KC Hopps is currently in negotiations to take over the spot formerly occupied by Raglan Road in the Power & Light District.

Rumors are that one of the current owners of Avenues Bistro, which already has a location in Mission Farms, is in negotiations to open a new place in the Los Cabos spot.  We will update when more information becomes available.


  1. It's hard to manage restaurants, that's why you must have an idea and focus on one catering service only. In the future, when you succeed you can have another one to manage if you wish to.

  2. woow this is a very bad news but good luck for them in the another Restaurant at Kansas city