Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 - The Summer of Grilling Picture Contest

In following the tradition of submitting more alternative styles of grilling pictures, we recieved a picture from a reader who was camping last weekend and snapped this pic of one of the more unusual food submissions we've recieved.  See the note attached to the picture below.

Dear Cow Town Chow,

Attached you will find my submission for your BBQ photo contest.  This is truly a unique item that I am sure you have never seen a picture of.  What you will see in this truly amazing photo is an outdoor fire pit set up for some amazing open flame grilling.  The delicacy that our Chef decided to grill was a dry aged Japanese Boom Box with an very nice piss marinade to put out the flames.  Let me tell you how awesome this was.  It was so awesome that the chefs fiancĂ© (I love that word!) was so impressed she decided right then and there to do "women's work" and got ready for bed.  I know this will definitely win your contest so I am looking forward to  playing golf at a course that I have not had the privilege of playing.

 Happy Trails, 

Camper Billy

Follow-Up note from the Editor:

After further inquiry from us about more details regarding how a Sony Boom Box ended up in a campfire, all Camper Billy had to say was that the owner of said stereo had consumed a few adult beverages that day and when he discovered the device would not turn on, the doomed Boom Box went straight into the campfire for a delicious dessert. 

Thanks for the submission, it had the entire office cracking up.


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